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Art & Music: Khu.éex’

An inside look at the music of Khu.éex', where Preston Singletary plays bass. 

Art & Music: Khu.éex'

The band Khu.éex' is the brainchild of artist Preston Singletary and legendary innovator Bernie Worrell (previously of Parliament-Funkadelic).

Khu.éex' features spoken word, Native storytelling, and singing, performed with an experimental approach with rock/funk aspects. Our band also performs in traditional regalia and NW coast masks.

Khu.éex' will be raising funds via an Indiegogo campaign starting on Monday February 1st 2016 and ending April 1st, 2016.


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Band Members

Bernie Worrell – Keyboards - (Cherokee) A respected elder who has African American and Cherokee ancestry. He has played with countless musicians over the years, but most notably as the founding member of the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic. He has previously played with the Talking Heads and has released many solo records over the years.

Preston Singletary – Bass - (Tlingit) Singletary has become synonymous with the relationship between European glass blowing traditions and Northwest Native art. He is also involved with “A Little Big Band” a Native folk and soul band.

Captain Raab – Guitar - (Blackfoot) Raab has played in the band Red Earth, out of Albuquerque, which is a Native Funk rock band.

Clarissa Rizal –Vocals - (Tlingit) Rizal is a multi media artist and weaver who performs spoken word and can sing traditional Native songs. She has been essential in providing guidance in explaining the songs from a traditional context.

Gene Tagaban –Vocals - (Tlingit) Tagaban performs spoken word, traditional singing and storytelling, as well as playing flute. He is also an influential storyteller, trainer, speaker, mentor and performer within the community.

Skerik – Saxophone- An avant-garde sax player who plays in notable projects including Critters Buggin, Garage a Trois and NW supergroup Mad Season.

Stanton Moore – Drums - An accomplished drummer based out of New Orleans, and has played with a wide variety of musicians. Moore is also noted as the founding member of Galactic.

Nahaan –Vocals - (Tlingit) An up and coming Tlingit speaker who has been dedicating his time to learning the Tlingit language. He has been composing his own Tlingit songs and rhymes in Tlingit.

Randall Dunn - Producer, Audio Engineer - A highly respected producer who has worked with legendary jazz musicians such as John Zorn and Eyvind Kang.

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A River for All

In partnership with the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, we are calling for a cleanup  of our river that protects the health of all of our communities. Please join us in calling for a comprehensive cleanup that will protect our health and ensure that the Duwamish is A River For All!

The Duwamish is Seattle’s hometown river.

Named for the Native Americans who welcomed settlers to its banks, the river was later straightened and dredged to make way for shipping and industry. 98% of the river’s habitat was destroyed, and the century that followed left a legacy of toxic pollution that continues to poison its fish, wildlife, and exposed communities – including local residents; tribes; and fishing families – today.

In 2001, the Duwamish River was labeled a federal Superfund Site – one of the most toxic sites in the nation. Today, we have an opportunity to clean it up. But it won’t happen without your help. The EPA has proposed a “cleanup” plan that would leave 80% of the contaminated mud behind, posing ongoing risks to the environment and people’s health.

Take action today to help us gain the support of our city, our county, and the EPA for a true cleanup that protects our health.

Help Preston, Macklemore, residents, fishermen, tribal members, workers, and recreational users of Seattle’s Duwamish River to secure a #riverforall!

The Northwest is known for it’s natural beauty and many ways of enjoying the outdoors. I have lived here my whole life and remember the river as an industrial waste dump. The Duwamish River is an important and sacred area for the Duwamish people – I’m glad there is finally interest in cleaning it up. This cleanup is important to show that humans can correct the damage they have done to our natural environment.

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