Glassblowing Demonstration in Czech Republic

10th April 2013

In February, Preston traveled to the Czech Republic with Totem project manager Charlie Parriott, his long-time friend and fellow glassblower Dante Marioni, and photographer Russell Johnson.  Russell's photographs captured the trip in documentary form, which we'll continue to share with you in the coming weeks.

Dante takes a photo of a castle on the way to the glass museum in Nový Bor, Czech Republic.

The Ajeto Glassworks and Museum, Nový Bor.

This photo set gives us a look at the glassblowing demonstration that Preston and Dante performed at the Ajeto Glassworks Museum in Nový Bor, a town about 60 miles north of Prague.  The museum's hot shop provided several different viewing areas, including their restaurant!


Preston and Dante hope to return to Ajeto for a longer residency, where they will make a collaborative body of work that may tour museums throughout the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe.

Posted by Celine
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